Call Detail Record API (CDR)

Call Detail Record API (CDR) 2017-01-30T09:24:48+00:00[api_key][start_timestamp]/[end_timestamp]/[api_key]/

Get Request…

Asset Description
[start_timestamp] Start Unix Timestamp (Optional)
[end_timestamp] End Unix Timestamp (Optional)
[api_key] Your .e4SIP API Key

JSON Response…

Asset Description
status REST Response
cdr Data Container
id Unique Identifier
key[0] Account Username
key[1] Unix Timestamp (Date)
value[“cid”] Originator Caller ID
value[“dst”] Destination Caller ID
value[“ip”] Originator IP Address
value[“dur”] Call Duration (Seconds)
value[“nr”] Per Minute Rate
value[“ba”] Billed Amount
value[“cn”] Caller ID Name (Optional)
.e4’s call detail record (CDR) API is used for collecting information regarding the VoIP calls associated with an .e4 account.