SMS Message Detail Reporting (MDR)

SMS Message Detail Reporting (MDR) 2017-01-30T09:24:48+00:00[phone_number]/[api_key]/[start_timestamp]/[end_timestamp]/[phone_number]/[api_key]/

Get Request:

Asset Description
[start_timestamp] Start Unix Time-stamp (Optional)
[end_timestamp] End Unix Time-stamp (Optional)
[phone_number] .e4SIP DID (Phone Number) in NPANXXXXXX format
[api_key] Your .e4SIP API Key

JSON Response:

Asset Description
status REST Response
mdr Data Container
id Unique Identifier
key[0] .e4SIP Phone Number (DID) in 1NPANXXXXXX format
key[1] Unix Microtime Timestamp (Date)
value[“number”] Remote Mobile Number in 1NPANXXXXXX format
value[“message”] SMS Message
value[“rate”] Message Charge
value[“ip”] Originator IP Address
value[“direction”] Message Direction (inbound/outbound)
.e4’s SMS Message Detailed Reporting API can be used for reviewing sent and received text messages through your .e4 account.