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Switchvox 80

Switchvox 80 Phone System

The Switchvox 80 Phone System has the ability to support upwards of 30 different user extensions. It is designed to handle up to 12 calls at the same time. Switchvox phone systems come fully loaded with a number of helpful features to supercharge and maximize your communications.

Switchvox 80 Phone System Overview

Switchvox is a Unified Communications solution for SMBs designed by the brilliant minds at Digium. Each Switchvox UC system supports VoIP and standard calling while seamlessly instituting a plethora of helpful features that allow your business communications to truly soar. Switchvox can quickly be provisioned with a GUI that lets you configure numerous users and set up your entire system quickly and efficiently.

The Switchvox 80 SMB Appliance sets the Switchvox SMB software into motion which comes packed with all of the top of the line features that you have come to expect from Switchvox UC solutions. The Switchvox 80 is the ideal choice for small businesses. If your operation currently deals with less than 30 users, this is the machine for you. The Switchvox 80 is the perfect solution for users that need a shelf or desktop solution and a full-featured, server-class PBX system.

Switchvox Part Number: 1AS800010LF

Switchvox 80 Phone System Features

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Switchvox offers a number of appliances to supercharge and maximize your phone system. Which Switchvox appliance is right for you?

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